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    Cara Rubin

Small shop jewelry

Calling all jewelry lovers!! Look no further. It's no secret I'm a huge small shopper. I've got the best small jewelry shops right here, or at least a few of my favorites.


Essential oils have been a huge part of our daily lives for over one year now so when I heard about the oil diffuser stacks from @alexisandavita I knew had to have one! I was so anxious to get one and try it and it works so much better than I thought. I've used a few different oils on the spoung pad beads now and they all have had the same effect as putting them directly on your skin. This is just better because the scent lingers while you go about your day. Any oil lovers I recommend getting yours stat!


 This next collection I've been growing for quite some time! My good friend Emily from @birdiesbeeds makes hand painted wooden bracelets! The bomb.com let me tell you. This photo represents only a small portion of our always growing collection. She makes bracelets for every season, every occasion and every style. You may have seen a few other similar shops but she has by far the most intricut and unique designs out there. Definitely worth the money!

I met a few ladies who make custom stamped jewelry and oh my gosh they are the best! Just a few good ones to name; @lolaslocker, @jillibeansboutique and @eclectic.pretties! I shared some photos below of the beautiful pieces I got from these ladies. The first charm is from @lolaslocker, the second cuffs are from @jillibeansboutique and the stackable rings are from @eclectic.pretties. These pieces allow me to have my family with me where ever I go, even if they aren't by my side! They make such great gifts too if you have a birthday coming up.

Those beautiful rings on either side of my name stack are made by my friend shannah at @hellodearhandmade. Coincidently she lives in the same small town as I. She makes resin filled jewelry with dried flowers from her garden! Now thats my kind of jewelry. 

Now who doesnt love turquoise!? Im a sucker for big stone rings, when I saw this beautiful slab tori from @shopmountainmade posted I immediately invisioned a big fatty ring shining on my finger. Kind of like whats going on above haha. It came out even more perfect than I thought!


 Last but not least are these beautiful druzy earings from my girl Danja at @dream.owl.druzy! These yhings are awesome and they come in so many different colors. I think I have 6 pairs and I love every one of them. Jewelry is so fun and full of expression. You can dress up or dress down amy outfit with the perfect pieces of jewelry. If your like me you should do yourself a favor and check these ladies out. Ive directly linked their accounts for your easily ready to shop fingers!!

happy thursday loves!



  • Post author
    Cara Rubin