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    Cara Rubin

Our favorite toddler activities!

Avia turned the big two yesterday, so this past week everyone has been asking us what she wanted but really needed for her birthday. Micah and I have always been minimalists so dolls and blocks and excessive toys have never been our thing. We've always been big book conisures and try to promote learning any chance we get. I've had a few people ask what are a few of avias toys and games so I decided to share our toddler crushes right now! I listed our top 4 faves since I couldn't just pick 3!


1. This PUZZLE - She just got this USA Puzzle for her birthday and she's obsessed! Most of my family lives on the east coast so we've used the puzzle to help show Avia how far away we are from her "Mimi and papa." Every time we put the puzzle back together we stay the states out loud. It only took two or three times until she started repeating most of the states names. 

2. BABY BRIGHT BOOKS- These two bright baby books are her jam! She literally reads these books over and over. The one on the right has the ABC's, colors, shapes, numbers, places. It's the best of the babies firsts! The one on the left fits our lifestyle. Micah (avias dad) loves to garden/farm. We live on bit of land so we have a huge garden and chickens! Micah loves to teach Avia about everything 'farm!' I saw this book and knew we just had to have it and now it's a family fave.

3. ABC POCKET BOARD - Avia is currently obsessed with saying the ABC's every night before bed so you can bet she's been practicing. EVERY DAY. ALL DAY! This little ABC pocket board is her go to. It has little animals that go in each pouch and sometimes she'll just sit and stear in all the amazement. Another great learning tool we highly recommend.

4. UNLOCK LEARNING BOARD - she just got this yesterday in the mail from papa. Avia is a big hands on babe so opening and closing things is right up her aley. This lock board has a bunch of different style locks and doors on it. Each has an animal, number and color behind it. Now that's my kind of multitasking! If she doesn't get board with the opening and closing she can focus on the other things inside.

I hope this helps you guys with holiday presents if your buying for toddlers!


- Cara



  • Post author
    Cara Rubin