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  • Lotion and Essential Oils
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    Cara Rubin

Lotion and Essential Oils

I don't know about you guys but I use essential oils and lotions/ oils from shop friends every day! I've acquired a small collection from a few friends that sell doTerra and they are amazing! Now when it comes to massages 'deep blue' is the bomb! I got this "AMAAZING" fresh mint and wild honey cream from my friend Livi at @pinkpampering and boy is it really amazing! It smells delicious and was perfect with one drop of deep blue for the perfect massage.

Not only for massages we use essential oils for cleaning, promoting a restful sleep, immune support and colds. Avia's been feeling a bit under the weather lately so we've been going heavy on oil usage! I diffuse lavender in her room at night so she's sleep straight through. I rub breathe oil on her chest so her nail passages clear up and on guard on her feet in the morning to promote immune system support. Now I might sound a little oil crazy but seriously there's a concoction for everything!

My other oil love goes to my friend Erica's @erica6sassysistas all natural ski serum company 'six sassy sistas'! A while back she sent me these little sample bottles of each of her products. Each one has a different amazing scent and they all nourish and replenish your skin! I've used them in place of lotion and deodorant. Seriously guys they are amazing! I know we will be using a lot of these handmade products and essential oils this weekend. Do you use any? Which are your favorite?

Happy Friday All!




  • Post author
    Cara Rubin