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    Cara Rubin


Last month Tonya and I decided we wanted to start hosting themed gift exchanges. We had 18 people involved and 4 people didn't follow through. One group didn't send packages because each was waiting on the other to send their package. Mainly a lack of communication. One simply was late but at least followed through. Shit happens I guess. The last incident was the cake topper and really ended it for Tonya and I. One poor girl got completely screwed, she sent her package one week early and patiently waited. One week past Valentine's Day she reached out to Tonya and I and explained she hadn't gotten a package nor heard from her partner, as the hosts of the exchange we reached out to her partner firmly explaining she needed to reach out and asked for an explanation. This shop owner replied with a blunt comment of "I spaced it". Tonya and I let it slide and went about our business then asked for an update the following morning. She removed herself from the group chat on Instagram and ignored us. Now I don't ask for much when it comes to communication but this really pushed me over the edge. She never said sorry, she never told us why she didn't send her package or what happened, she read our messages and ignored us. That's rude to not only her partner but me. My feelings were hurt. Long story short she ended up blocking Tonya and I after I re added her to the chat and explained how incredibly rude she was being. She still has yet to send anything to her partner.

She committed to something that was supposed to be fun and make someone else feel good and she ruined the whole thing for everyone. Sadly Tonya and I won't be hosting any more gift exchanges. We thought this was going to be great for networking and getting involved in the awesome community were a part of. This fun extra curricular activity quickly turned into a pain in the ass.

Not following through with a commitment doesnt just hurt you but hurts other people. It's your duty as not only as a business owner but as a human being to have integrity. Obviously there are always exceptions for everything and our daily lives get in the way sometimes but if you can't follow rules the right thing to do is say sorry and explain what's going on. Some people need a little helping reminder so help out when you see a friend in need!

You may not be excited about the commitment you once committed to but that doesn't give you a free pass to not follow through!

Hope your all having a great Tuesday!




  • Post author
    Cara Rubin